Loving inanimate objects

Have I mentioned that I love my new crochet hooks? I have? Hm. But have I also mentioned why I love them? Have I mentioned that they go down ALL the way to 0.75 mm?! And have I told you I already bent the smallest one when I had to try it on fine silver wire? I knew that would happen, but as I won't ever use it for yarn, it doesn't really matter. I bent it back and it will be able to enjoy its retirement mostly from now on.
I'm still excited because now I have the right size for everything. Before I didn't even know 0.1 mm could/would make so much difference.
Others get excited about a power tool and I jump up and down for some sticks of steel. Life is funny.

A few weeks ago I had already started making more yarn baskets in different sizes and colors and with different handles. These two are from each end of the spectrum.
For size comparison I photographed them with a good old 2 Pfennig piece. That is about the size of an American 1 cent piece.

This basket is 1.5 cm or 0.6 inch high. There is space for two tiny balls of "yarn". It would make a better earring than a pendant, but in my excitement about this new experiment with a 1 mm hook I forgot to keep counting and I don't know yet if I can make a matching one.

This is the biggest basket. It's not much higher than the tiny one, but about twice as wide, so four balls of "yarn" fit into it. These are from colored copper and from bronze wire.
It's still waiting for its bail.

Here now is a picture of all the baskets together and here you can also see the difference between the "big" and the small one.

I can't wait to experiment more! ;-)


Eddy G. said...

I adore those baskets. Wonderful

Fru Babsan said...

You allready know I love your baskets! But did I tell you LOVE my rosewood cable knitting needles? ;)