Antique show finds

Always in the first week of January is a small antique show in Göppingen. Whenever we are on vacation and have the chance to go there, we do.
Sometimes there is nothing interesting at all and we don't expect fantastic surprise bargains, but over the years we have found some pretty things, some at really nice prices.

The tall guy and I have a different approach to any kind of market. I go there thinking that I won't find anything. I mostly stick to the books, old and new, and try to browse all the other things. The tall guy is, well, tall and can look at the tables a lot better. While I have to walk an aisle twice or go on a zigzag course, he'll just walk in the middle and look.

Since the antique show moved to the town hall, it's even smaller than it used to be. That leaves me a little more time to look around.
All these finds were actually discovered by me this time, maybe my eye is getting more trained to look at props for photography. Do I sound proud? Well, yes - a little because as mentioned before I'm not the master of spotting things.
I knew the tall guy would like the folding rule and even more the top modern calculator ;-) Both of them would be a nice prop for me and a great decoration for his room. He thought the same thing, so I left him to discuss the price (something I absolutely suck at) and continued my rounds.

A while ago there had been a thread in my SJA forum about photographing rings. One of the members (thanks, Andrea!) had brought up the idea of gloves. I remembered I had some old lacy gloves from a fleamarket a long time ago and I think it worked out fine, but peach and light green is not suitable for all wire colors, so I thought I'd start looking for some cream or white ones.
As luck had it, this show was just the thing. A lady had a whole box of gloves, black, brown, white, leather, wool, satin, long ones, short ones ... I picked out the two pairs pictured. Seeing how small they are, immediately images of neatly dressed young girls going to church came to my mind. I experience that a lot, that I long to know the story behind an item although I know I never will.
Instead I got to hear the seller's story (remember the sign on my forehead? ;-)).

So I guess you'll see these items more often in my pictures now, at least parts of them.


  1. I love love the calculator, no idea what to do with it but it's great :)

  2. so recognise that about having to zicksack to manage to see! *lol*