I'm sorry, Esme

It would be wrong to think that Ponder is the only psycho cat in this house.
His sister Esme (Terry Pratchett fans might know her full name is Esmerelda Weatherwax) comes close, even if she doesn't have "Da Voice". She's a girl after all and while Ponder is the yodelling expert, Esme has a wonderful squeaking soprano.

There are two situations in particular that make her show her diva's abilities.

The first one is when I take pictures on the chest of drawers in the tall guy's "playing room". For some strange reason she can live well with me taking pictures somewhere else, but although she likes to sit on the chest without getting angry or anxious, she comes running from downstairs (!) as soon as I set up something there. I haven't found a reason yet, but it makes her downright aggressive sometimes!

The second one is when I whistle. She can't stand my whistling. Today I was sitting at the computer, listening to music, one of my favorite songs came up and since I lost half of my singing voice (the high-pitched notes), I whistle more than I used to. Mistake! Lady Es came running upstairs and squeaked the second voice to the song in utter despair. When I didn't stop right away, she bit me. Not the kind that hurts, but the kind that says "Stoooooooooooop, please!! My ears!!"

Now all I want to know is - why doesn't she do that when Kyu Sakamoto is whistling in his song (that I was listening to)??? Feel free to comment on this .......

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