Yours truly, Jack the Ripper

I started early to buy and collect books. One of the very first I remember having bought as a teenager was an anthology with horror stories. There were a few stories I really liked and some of the images I still use to today like the vampire that feeds on emotions instead on blood, but my absolute favorite was Robert Bloch's "Yours truly, Jack the Ripper". Even knowing how it ended after reading it like four or five times (so I am forgetful sometimes, who cares *lol*), I read it again and again. What exactly fascinated me so much about it, I don't know.
I have to admit last year when we went to London, I would have liked to do a Jack the Ripper Tour, but the only evening that we were free to do so, I was so tired and couldn't have walked one step anymore.

The last few days it was very foggy here in the morning. Usually I get a lift to work in the mornings. I get dropped off at the bus station and only have to walk a minute to the library. In heavy fog one minute is enough to imagine all kinds of things, though. Like Jack the Ripper slowly emerging from the fog, smiling softly and pulling his knife out ...
Seriously now, it is lonely at that time of day anyway and the fog gives the scene an extra special quality.

Today I only saw the fog from the inside. I have a day off and Jack waited in vain in his foggy corner behind the big lecture room building. Still the thought of it nurtured my fantasies and this is how this treasury came to life - Dark and mysterious

If you are game, go there, visit it and leave Jack a comment. He might be hidden in one these photos right now ...

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