To understand what I am talking about now, you might have to read these posts first in case you didn't already.
A while ago I notice strange things going on in the house and a sighting, even if vague and blurry, gave me confidence I might find out the solution to the secret soon.
If you want to know what I mean, check it out here:

Today I wanted to take some more pictures. I already had my camera in my hand and just wanted to set up my items on the chest of drawers (that is driving Esme crazy, but that is a different story) in the tall guy's "playing room" when I saw her. She was sitting very quietly behind the alarm clock that is standing there.
There she was, with the sweetest little dragon face, looking at me from her blue eyes. Not moving, but wary obviously.
I knew it! I have a dragon in the house and such a cute one at that!
How good to have a zoom, so I didn't have to disturb her. Very carefully I raised the camera and took a shot. Only one, then she had disappeared.

Of course now I hope I'll be able to take a closer shot of her eventually without scaring her off.
A dragon in the house must mean luck, don't you agree? :-D


  1. How exciting. Do you think she might be up to something?

  2. I think a dragon in the house is very good luck...and an adorable dragon is the best luck of all!

  3. OMG Cat, I can't tell you how much I am charmed with this little story, the photo and the cutest little dragon I ever saw:)))! She is soooo cute, and the hiding thing is making her even cuter. Kiss her for me, I think she likes to be spoiled:)))!

  4. If she's up to something, it will be something good, I just know from the the look of her face, she is not the mischievous kind! ;-)