Zibbet finds of the week - The Color Red

It's raining outside and it's hard to tell it's actually morning because it's so dark in here. As I said before, I don't mind the rain or darkness myself. I have a big black furry head on my left wrist and hand that keeps purring away, apart from that it is quiet, all I hear is a car splashing through the rain outside.
I know people, however, who hate this side of the season, and for those I want to brighten up the day and give it some color - red.
So here's a selection of items that I found on Zibbet and which show you the amazing palette of autumn reds.

Autumn fox wedding cake topper by Anna Clay Creations

Early Victorian garnet locket brooch at Clan Kelly Designs

Burgundy slouchy crochet hat by Vikni Designs

Autumn red wood and metal wall sculpture by Diva Art69 Studios

Burgundy embroidered autumn beret by Zora Art

Large custom red leaves tree acrylic painting by Nathalie Van

Boho red wool coat by classydress

Copper cage necklace by Cat's Wire


Oldies but Goodies - Timeless

This week the topic for the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge was "timeless".
What kind of jewelry is timeless to you? Are there any stones, metals or other materials that never seem to go out of style? Designs, patterns, combinations?

My first thought are always pearls - a single knotted strand of beautiful pearls. Such a classic design, and even if some may think such necklaces to be the style of grandmothers, you will always see them. They go well with a more conversative look like a costume, they spruce up the famous little black dress, but they will look just as beautiful with a shirt and jeans, maybe in a smaller size.

Another possibility are diamonds. I'm not going to start the discussion about how diamonds were only pushed by the industry with the notion that an engagement ring should cost three months salary, I find that just as ridiculous. I also often hear friends of mine say that they don't like diamonds at all. So I'm outing myself here now. I do like them, but I like the look of a classic ruby, aquamarine or amethyst solitaire as well, too. I have chosen very different - also in price - stones on purpose, and that is not the complete list, either.

There is so much more, though. Eternity rings are timeless, many chain designs are timeless, hoop earrings are timeless, necklaces from round stone beads - graduated or not - of all kinds are timeless, and I could go on and on.
Beading, wire or metalsmithing techniques have been around forever (almost ;-)), and many designs are so old, it's incredible.

Here are some challenge pieces now that we JAC members think are timeless.

1 Jewelry Art by Dawn
2 Bijou Bead Boutique
3 RioRita
4 Cat's Wire


Zibbet finds of the week - The color of gold

After showing you fall leaves last week, I will celebrate the season by highlighting its colors throughout November.
For today I chose the color of gold.

I have always said that I'm a silver tone girl myself, and it's true I hardly own any yellow gold jewelry, but I really enjoyed my "gold digging" trip on Zibbet. Obviously all that glitters is not gold, but it doesn't always have to be the real thing, just look at the beauties I dug up, all of them so different!

"We tried but we didn't belong" golden scene art photography print by Shashamane Dream Photos

Art photograph metal print of a golden dragonfly by Steider Studios

Gift card "Kiyv Golden Gate" by Colibri Gift

Golden yellow linen purse by Jenny Karlsson Design

Dragonfly and golden ferns photography by The Butler's Creations

Antique embossed scrap of Victorian Lady at Sandy Creek Collectables

"Bee kind" vegan hair and bath care products by HP Soapcraft


Tackle that stash - First Christmas ornaments 2019

Among the glass beads a friend from Prague had sent me a while ago (for me a while can be anything between two days and two years) were two twisted glass ornaments, a short green one and a long purple one.
It would have been easy to put a hook on them to hang them on my Christmas tree or turn them into little pendants, but I'm not always going for easy, so I waited and waited and waited some more for my muse to turn on her brain and come up with something.
The only thing I knew from the start was that they wouldn't become jewelry which probably had to do with childhood memories.
My best friend's grandfather always had two trees. There was one in the big room and there was a smaller one in the playroom. It had a stand that had a music box and rotated - I don't remember what melody it was, I'll have to ask my friend - and it was decorated with beautiful vintage twisted glass icicles.
At least that's how I remember it, and ever since twisted glass, even if it's not clear, makes me think of that Christmas tree.

I know, some of you will think it's too early, but firstly we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, so that's not a reason for me to wait, and secondly, it would be really hard to get everything done if I don't start before December!
The idea for these ornaments finally came from the peyote rings I had been making.
All of the components are stash, even some of the thread has been in my drawer unused for several years, not to mention the bubble lampwork beads that have been with me for even longer. Compared to those, the Delicas are rather new.
Unfortunately it proved quite hard to take a good picture because it's November grey here today and because the size and colors are so different. In case you can't see it well, the green ornament has got a little white peyote tube and an almost clear bubble bead, the purple one has metallic fuchsia beads and a pink bubble bead.

Maybe I'll give these two away as gifts, Ponder had already that glint in his eye saying how much he is looking forward to play with them. The twisted glass is attached to the wire that runs through the lampie and the peyote tube in a way that allows it to dangle, absolutely irresistible for my old man who likes to think he's still a kitten! ;-)
Another reason is that my little tree is running out of space. "You're gonna need a bigger tree!" my mind keeps telling me, but the spot on the stairs is so perfect for the little one.
First world problems!


Oldies but Goodies - Earrings, earrings, earrings!

Guess what our topic for the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge was this week ;-) You got it, earrings!
I know, it's not the first time that I've shown you earrings from the Oldies but Goodies, but earrings have always been a big favorite with humans and that hasn't changed one bit. I said humans because earrings have never been just for women even if there were times when men were looked at somewhat suspiciously by some people if they wore earrings.
Who thought of taking something sharp and run it through an earlobe to hang something on it? No idea, but at least that method has changed a little. Maybe I am just a wimp, though. The thought of a needle and a potato doesn't make me happy, I probably still wouldn't have pierced ears if that had been the only option!

And here's my collage for this challenge now, beautiful earrings crafted by my fellow JAC members.

1 Bijou Bead Boutique
2 Ganison Atelier
3 MC Stoneworks
4 Cat's Wire
5 The Crafty Chimp
6 RioRita
7 Jewelry Art by Dawn


Zibbet finds of the week - Autumn leaves

November has come. When I look out of the back window with Ponder, it's easy for me to point out the birds in the pear tree to him because it has already lost allmost all of its leaves. The sky is grey and cloudy today and the street is so quiet.
I love autumn, therefore I thought that for today's post I'd have a look at items that show the beauty of it. What is probably the first thing people think of in autumn? The beautiful colors in the leaves.
I picked up some beautiful leaves for you on my stroll through Zibbet and hope you will love them as much as I do.

Table runner Fall Leaves by Patchwork Mountain

Copper oak leaf ornament by Wirestorm Creations

Amber autumn crown by Thyme2dream

Autumn leaves banner by Enchanted Craft

Eco friendly leaf earrings by Honey's Quilling

Tape measure autumn leaves by All About The Buttons

Bead loomed fall leaves earrings by Cat's Wire


Art Elements Design Challenge and Blog Hop - Eyes

When Laney announced the topic for the October design challenge at Art Elements - Eyes - I didn't even think about not entering although I had no idea what to make (as usual ;-)).

I have always been fascinated by eyes. If I were a better photographer, I would annoy my cats day and night taking pictures of their eyes. Ever since I was a child, I have been drawing eyes, I still do sometimes if I'm in a meeting, but I don't think they are any good, so none of those doodles has survived.
I have created eyes in wire and beads.
Eyes are important in many of my HeatherCat pieces and I can't begin to tell you how often I ripped out the eyes in my fan wall portraits, even after the whole portrait had been loomed, sometimes just to change out one bead for a better look. It is amazing how a tiny "light reflex" can brighten up an eye or make it incredibly creepy.

This pair of earrings started out as a basket that became too big because I miscounted my stitches. Sometimes I just stare at a piece of shaped wire, no matter if it's crocheted, knitted or woven, and manipulate it to become something else. In this case it became an eye shape.
Do you remember Gozer from Ghostbusters? Gozer had those glowing red eyes that let you hardly see the white. They inspired these earrings. I wanted them dark and creepy and staring, adding white would have made them too human. I wish I had had red lampwork beads that big, but these blue and green ones work nicely, too. The lashes are supposed to add to the out of this world look.

My second idea was very different.
Cat eyes. I could get lost in them. Not that I don't love other animals' eyes in all their varieties, but cat eyes are the best, and I wanted to bead some. Not elaborate ones with a lot of shades because I simply didn't have the time to design a pattern for those with the bead colors I had on hand. Instead I took my inspiration from some Studio Ghibli anime movies I had watched recently. I wanted the eyes to be big and impressive.
This was my first attempt.

That ring was quite wide and I thought that the top rows weren't really necessary. What if I lost two of them and added something else instead that said "cat" more than just the eyes?
My first prototype was a little wonky. I had tried to add a nose as well as ears, and the nose didn't work at all. Unfortunately I had already woven in all the threads and had a hard time to find them again at first!
Now I had to try different color combinations of course, and the eyes are not all completely the same, either. This could become quite obsessive ......

That's it from me for today, but this is a blog hop, and I'd like to ask you to have a look at all the other entries, too. Have fun!


Beth and Evie - Cat (that's me ;-)) - Dawn - Elaine - Hope - KathyMichelle - Tammy 
AE team members

Claire - Cathy - Jennifer - Jenny - Laney - Marsha - Niky - Susan


Zibbet finds of the week - Pumpkins, ghosts and more

Only three more days until Hallowe'en! That means this is my last countdown post. Since I started late, I couldn't cover much yet, so this will be a great mix of fun Hallowe'en items that I found on my way through Zibbet!
Can't do without pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons and black cats, can we?

Do you like to have skeletons dancing or are you a talented pumpkin carver? Why don't you tell me which your favorite decorations are?
Happy Hallowe'en! :-)

The Intruder greeting cards by Elinor Sethman

Skeleton Jack Pumpkin box by Just Believe Creations

Calling Them print by 3 Cats Jewelry and Art
Boo Bones Halloween card by Torn Paper

Halloween Boo ghost doily by Stitches of Creation

Black scary Halloween cat pendant by Cat's Wire


Oldies but Goodies - Harvest

What do you connect with harvest?
One of the things that comes to my mind comes from church when I was still a child. Around the altar there was this huge display of fruit, vegetables and grains, beautifully arranged, in beautiful colors and so rich looking.
I see long ladders leaning against apple trees and tractors on fields of wheat (don't ask me why it's always wheat to me). I am feeling the first chill in the air. I see people picking the grapes on the small vineyards along my train route.

Today I have quite a small selection from the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge for you, but if it doesn't put you in a harvest mood, I don't know what does! :-D

1 RioRita
2 MC Stoneworks
3 Jewelry Art by Dawn
4 Cat's Wire


Zibbet finds of the week - Bats

Welcome back to my Hallowe'en countdown!
Today I'll introduce you to some bats on Zibbet. I love bats. The only bat I didn't love was the one I had to make from screws, nuts, bolts, and nails when I was in 5th or 6th grade. We had to glue those onto black cardstock. Yes, there's the bad word. Glue. No wonder mine sucked. It's amazing I'm doing anything creative at all because art class wasn't exactly encouraging to me throughout all of my school years ;-)

The following bats, however, do not suck at all.
Believe it or not, I only just noticed that this could be understood as a joke regarding vampires, but it's really not although none of these do look like vampires to me.
I wish we had more of these fascinating animals around my neighborhood. Years ago I kept seeing a few, but after a few weeks they had gone. Maybe they had just visited from the nearby woods.

These bats would gladly come to live with you.
I hope you'll enjoy my selection.

Flying fox painting by Chris Wrinn Fine Art

Bat print bow tie for cats or dogs by Sebby's Corner

The Night Fairy 1985 Amelia Jane Murray vintage lithograph at Le Petit Poulailler

Itty Bitty Bat lacework hair grip by Angels Cave

Bats and moon patchwork kitchen towel by Sewlicitations

I love bats bead loomed pendant by Cat's Wire


Oldies but Goodies - Non-white pearls

When did you last have a dinner Cleopatra style? I'm not talking about nightingale tongues or whatever extravagant meals we think were served there. I'm talking big money.
You remember the story? According to Pliny the Elder Cleopatra bets Mark Antony she could serve the most expensive single meal - 10,000,000 sesterces worth. Mark Antony can't imagine that that is possible, but Cleopatra just drops one of her enormous pearls in a glass of vinegar and drinks it.
Do pearls dissolve in vinegar? Obviously they do, scientists, pearl dealers and ordinary people have tried it out in various combinations. They don't do it quickly, though. I'll leave it to you if you want to believe the story of the Queen's extravagancy, look up articles or videos about it or even try it yourself.
The first time I read about this was in a Scrooge McDuck story. Scrooge put 1,000 pearls into 1,000 cans of pickles for a giveaway to raise interest in his pickles, those cans never made into the stores, though. When he opened them up to get his pearls back out, they had all gone, a just punishment for trying such a dirty trick.

That's not the only story about Scrooge and pearls. I remember his search for rare black pearls, for example. This is a nice bridge to this week's Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge which is all about pearls that are not white.
Although there are natural pearls that aren't white, most of the colored pearls are dyed or glass pearls in the first place, and there are huge differences in luster and quality.

Here's a selection of jewelry with pearls from our JAC artisans. Be prepared for color!

1 Ganison Atelier
2 RioRita
3 Bijou Bead Boutique
4 CymberRain
5 MC Stoneworks
6 Cat's Wire
7 Jewelry Art by Dawn
8 The Crafty Chimp


Zibbet finds of the week - Witches

Yes, it's true. It has been more than three years since I last posted the Zibbet finds of the week, but I thought it would be fun to bring them back on Mondays.
What better way to start with than some posts leading up to Hallowe'en? I still wish it were a big thing here in my town, with dressing up and all that. I don't live in the countryside where turnip ghosts (instead of pumpkins) are still a tradition in some places, and actually it's not a tradition I ever got to participate in myself. I don't know if they did it here in town before I was born, but I can't remember ever seeing any.

Let's start this Hallowe'en countdown with some witches and their gear that I found on Zibbet. Ready? Then grab your broomstick and fly!

"Witch" etched fonts cuff by Feathered Gems

Beaded witch boot earrings by Chickamoo

Mother Goose songs and stories antique lithograph at Petit Poulailler

Little calico witch by Kilkenny Cat Art

Silver witch on a broomstick ring by Zahour

Halloween sign by Sleepy Hollow Prims

Flying witch and cat on a broomstick pendant by Cat's Wire