Tackle that stash - Pink wire crochet earrings

It was not the first time that I have been told I should wear more color, and once again I told the story of the friend who said "I love all colors provided they are black". It's true. I tend to go for black, maybe a dark blue and whenever I actually do wear a brighter color, people notice, even those who don't notice when I get new glasses.
You want color? You'll get color.

These two beads were part of a surprise parcel. Because of the stick shape my first impulse was to just put on jump rings and earwires, but you know me, that's something I hardly ever do. So I wondered what could replace the jump ring and decided to make some of my wire crochet rope rings instead.
My second impulse was to use silver wire for those rings, but I wanted more color than that, so I added pink seed beads, too.
Told you you'd get to see some color ;-)

The earrings are in my DaWanda shop now.


  1. Very interesting beads, good choice to give them a bit more then just a jump ring. :)

    1. Thank you :-)
      I think those beads are that infamous "sea sediment jasper" of which no one seems to be sure what exactly it is or if it is really a natural stone (even without being dyed).

  2. Oooooo...colorful and gorgeous! Good call, Cat!

    I think I have some coin beads made of that material. They are so pretty, but have been stashed in my stash since the day I bought them three years ago.