Tackle that stash - Beaded Tudor Rose pendant

First of all let me say this. I know that this pendant is not an exact replica of the Tudor rose. It is, however,  inspired by it.
The other day I made a pair of flower earrings that reminded me of Kanzashi flowers (which are actually Japanese folded fabric flowers) when I had finished them, and this time I wanted to see how I could make a variation that was maybe a little larger and more three dimensional.

I beaded it from silver lined red and golden seed beads and experimented with how to sew the individual petals together for the best effect.
At first I wanted to leave it at that, but you know me, I love my dangles on earrings or pendants, and this pearl drop makes such a great one.
I was tempted to add something green to it, but then I found it would have been too much here, especially because the green beads in my stash are also silver lined. This is one shiny pendant!


  1. At first I thought, without reading the tekst, that you made it with red and gold wire, but then I saw the little beads. Love the little pearl dangle at the bottom.