Quote of the week

I saw a documentary about the Appalachian Trail once. As someone who struggles walking home the fifteen minutes from the train station without having several rests including meals and naps I was very impressed. While having another drink, some snacks and cuddling up with my cats I cheered those people on the screen on, and I was devastated that the one couple didn't make because of an injury.

Today's quote is not exactly from a documentary, though. It's from a movie about two not so young guys deciding to do the Trail together before it's too late.
At one time another hiker keeps them company and drives them nuts. It's night, they have all retreated to their tents, and the young lady sings ... loudly, but not very well.
Katz sneaks into Bryson's tent.

Katz: I swear to God, I'm gonna rip her larynx out.

Bryson: Ah. Yeah, I'm not sure that's gonna do it. I got a better plan.
Katz: Ah, let me hear it.
Bryson: According to the map we get to Hiawassee tomorrow.
Katz: Yeah.
Bryson: We get an early start, we hike hard and put some distance between us.
Katz: Yeah, it's probably better than my plan.
Bryson: What's your plan?
Katz: Kill her, take her Pop Tarts.

A Walk In The Woods, USA, 2015