Oldies but Goodies - It's A Zoo Out There

Time for this week's Oldies but Goodies Challenge at the Jewelry Artisans Community.
As you can easily tell from the post title, the theme was "It's a zoo out there", and isn't that true (although I might have had a different kind of zoo in mind ;-)).
Not only could we submit animals of all kinds, though. There are various stones that are named after animals. Tiger's eye, zebra jasper, crab agate, snakeskin jasper are just a few of them. Items with stones like that were allowed as well which made for some interesting variety.

You know that usually I don't point out a single artist's work in these challenges, but this time I have to say something about the great elephant bangle by our Dawn. I wish we still had access to the contents of the old forum, so I could guide you to a long running thread about how this bangle came to life. Who knows, maybe this will inspire her to put the story on her blog ... oh, and Dawn, when I did a search on JAC to see if there was a post after all that I could link to, I found something else. Let me just say "wolf, wolf, wolf".

Okay. I didn't mean to take attention off all the other pieces completely, so ... have fun.
Oh, forgot to say, click the picture to get a better look, or even better, go to the thread linked above for all the pictures that have been submitted!

1 and 8 Jewelry Art by Dawn
2 and 7 MC Stoneworks
3 and 6 Cat's Wire
4 and 5 Violetmoon's Corner


  1. Ah, Cat. Thank you so much.

    It was a shame that the thread about the elephant bangle was lost. If I remember correctly, it went over 100 pages and the comments were priceless.

    You have read my mind. What hasn't been lost are my photos of the bangle or my artfire blog posts and I am planning to do a series on my Blogger blog.

    Oooooh, you found Wolf! Funny, I've been thinking about him too - came across the beads that are done so far just the other day.

    Time to re-visit some old projects, I think!

    1. Yes, it was a shame. I'm glad that you intend to blog about it, though. It was such a wonderful trip for us all to elephant land.

      Oh yes, I found Wolf. And now I remembered him, I'll haunt you until I see him finished! :-D

  2. The elephant bangle is indeed a work of art. Bravo to Dawn and her beautiful paintings.