Surpriiiiiiise! It's me! Alive ... kind of, the heat isn't helping. Kicking ... sure, mostly things that won't hurt my foot, but help me to let out some of the frustration. Determined ... as heck!
Moving? Hm.

Actually movement is this months's Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival theme.
Things are moving eternally. Planets, stars, rivers, animals - not my cats at the moment, they are mostly passing out from the heat - cars and socks. Not sure what kind of movement socks prefer, but they must move or I wouldn't have ended up with one white and one black one after folding laundry.
I'm moving sometimes, if not the whole me, then at least my hands ;-) Typing, looming, crocheting, knitting.
I'm sure you noticed the very clever bridge I created for myself to get to the jewelry.

I have never really thought that much about movement in jewelry before. Spontaneously I think of spinner rings, then those gold clown/harlequin pendants with the movable arms and legs that were so popular, no idea if they still are, I'm not a big fan of clowns. Maybe you remember my teddy pendant, also with movable arms and legs.

For me it's mostly about dangles, I guess. I have always been fascinated by dangling earrings. I remember when I was about 12 or so. A shop had new clip-on earrings, but finally not the bulky ones that you could only wear with a costume and made you feel old, like at least 25. No, there was the clip-on part, a long chain hanging from it and charms. Ah, they were so expensive for a young girl, 15 DM back then, I'll never forget that, but one pair I had to have, with tiny four-leaf clovers.
Then when I got my ears pierced, there was no stopping me. When packing up things I found a few of my "treasures" from that early time and except for a few pair of hoops they were all the dangly kind.

And then there came the bead looming and the little dangles on the chain I used for the closures on my cuffs. Lampwork, Swarovski crystals, no way I could leave one without a dangle.
What really took the prize however was when I learned to make brick stitch extensions, so perfect to hang something from them. I'll let the following pictures speak for themselves and just tell you to be scared or excited - there are new designs shaping in my head already.

Bleeding Hearts

Bollywood Bells

I vill bite you
 Also take a look at the other JAC members' posts and their take on "movement"! I'll add more links as I get them.


  1. These are all lovely, but I must confess that my favorite is "I will bite you"!

    1. Thank you ... for me it changes all the time, but I guess it IS hard to have one real favorite if they are your own items that you have invested your heart in!

  2. Lovely dangles! Don't think I every saw that teddy bear or he might be living in Canada! I have a giant spinner ring in my post... guess it's actually a bracelet, but that's just a giant ring isn't it?

    What intrigues me about Socks is the missing one will show up in the laundry 8 or 10 months after it was lost... I wonder where it was living between sightings?

    1. This teddy is living in Hongkong, his buddy Huckleberry Ted in the UK. The severed heads in my stash drawer are desperately begging for bodies ...
      Yes, I had to laugh when I saw your post! Just so perfect.

      Living in the Land of the Free Roaming Socks. Only the most deserved socks get that privilege.

  3. I love the cute little bear, he is adora-bubble! Laney x

  4. I've had a love affair with dangle earrings since before I was 10. My best friend and I got our ears pierced when we were 10 and had to have a note from our parents. lol Yes dangle earrings are the first thing that come to mind regarding movement in jewelry, then beaded fringe hot on its heels! I consider bugle bead fringe to be jewelry for clothes... remember the flapper dresses from the 20's? I love teddy, he's so cute.... and I will bite you is my all time favorite so far, I have to say. Me being a huge Anne Rice fan and all. :) I hope the weather gets cooler for you and the furry ones. Can't have melted kitties now, can we?

    1. I love flapper dresses!!
      The kitties unmelted a bit after we had five minutes of very heavy rain and the air cooled down a tad.

  5. Cat, you know I love your cuffs. Bite Me is one of my favorites and I love the little bear!

    I also love the pink wire pig that sits on top of my computer, but he doesn't move much. :)

    Ah yes, can never have too many dangles and fringe!

    1. Thank you, Dawn! It's a shame, what a lazy pig! I'll have to change that next time *lol*

  6. Cat you know I love all your work, that bite me cuff is brilliant. :D

    And what you do with wire crochet is just amazing.

    We had the same weather conditions here too, now that it's cooled of a bit my tom-cat is coming back to live again.
    He had it hard with the heat, we placed a fan in the living room, it did him so much good that we kept it on day and night for him.

    1. Thank you, darling!
      I couldn't put up a fan because I had just caught myself a bad virus with coughing, sore throat etc. It's getting better now, but I didn't want to take chances of making it worse again!

    2. O my, so this heat is extra hard on you.
      Hope you feel better soon. (((hugz)))