Saturday night ramblings

We didn't have those for a while, did we?

Let's make it short however.
I baked. You might think this is not exactly a big achievement, but knowing me ... well, it is. I'm amazed and stunned by myself, so much actually that I can almost ignore the knuckle I burnt in my usual klutzy way. It's not bad, it doesn't really show, it just hurts to remind me I'm a klutz.

What do I care? I got something to show and to eat, and mind you, even if I'm saying it myself, they are good, my "Seelen" which is what these bread rolls are called. It translates to "souls".

It's not the only thing I achieved in the last days. I won't bore you with stories of grocery shopping and folding laundry, but just show you the good stuff.
Do you remember the Gingham fabric pattern I made? With the beads that didn't want to play nice?
Well, I made two other patterns and am about to finish a more cooperative Gingham cuff. I'm having way too much fun with these.

This one is listed already - Houndstooth I

I took most of the pictures for this one and already edited them, I just need one more shot of the snaps, but you know how it is - Argyle (I love this one and would love to see it in different color combinations)

And of course a bad sneak peek pic of my Gingham WIP.

Ehm, yes. Not that short after all ....


  1. mmmmm homemade bread!
    Love your new beadwork pieces!

  2. Ooooo that second cuff is lovely x

    Yup! on the cooking, I too am that klutz :O)