In the heat of the night

I wish I was just talking about the movie with Sidney Poitier (and could tell you a funny family story that comes with it), but actually it is  /$%"/$"/$ hot here and I can't sleep.
Instead I went through my UFO baggie that I put together after I organized my beads and found one of my wire knit bracelets that was only missing a clasp.
When I opened the storage drawer with the clasps, the big leafs fell into my hands, not everyone's cup of tea in a bracelet because of their size, but what if ... I could ... there was the chain ... that doesn't look too bad, but maybe the other one ...

So this is what I finally got. Not too bad for a fried brain in the middle of the night, is it?
It's available in my shop now.


  1. Are you sure you did this with a fried brain? It is so COOL!

    1. Maybe that IS the trick! *lol*
      Thank you!