I know it sounds a bit as if I entered the Cave of Caerbannog and read the inscription before some of us will unfortunately get eaten by the Black Beast, but this is just me yelling in deep frustration.
Life has been having big fun with me lately which is actually no fun for me at all, but really .... there's a line. It's enough now.

Look at this.
A ten inch fall on a wooden floor and now this. Was that really necessary? What will be next? With my luck the Black Beast might wait for me in my kitchen.

P.S. Don't be surprised about the glass looking so foggy. It was so dirty that I decided to use the "wrinkle remover" on it. The whole thing is embarrassing enough as it is ;-)
P.P.S. You don't get the Caerbannog thing? Go and watch Monty Python. It's an order!


  1. Oh b*****! as Cardinal Ximenez would say. I can feel with you. I'm wearing glasses myself (with 6+ dioptre I'm virtually blind without them), and breaking them is a major horror. Not only are they very very expensive, but one is also disabled for several days until the new one's are ready.
    Thank you for sending me to watch Monty Python again... ended up with Spanish Inquisition, Albatross and this updated version of the genius Fish Slapping Dance:

    1. There's nothing like a good fish slap dance! ;-)

  2. Oh dear *not giggling at all*

    I have dropped mine from great heights and they bounce, but then just gently lay down and....I think its called 'sods law!' Hope you can get some more. Laney x

    1. I have done much worse things with glasses, so I really feel this is a personal insult *pouting*