Quote of the week

I was 12 and sitting in a movie theater with one of my best friends. After we came out, we started fighting.
The movie was Star Wars and the fight was about who would get Princess Leia. My friend was so sure it would be Luke Skywalker. I thought Luke was a goody two-shoes and insisted on Han Solo to be with her.
We all know who won in the end.

If I asked you, what quote from the movie springs to mind first, you would probably choose this one. It has been altered for parody many times and it's a classic.
"May the force be with you." The other day I almost said it to my boss when she left for a stressful meeting and I use it if someone has to tackle a difficult task.

Star Wars, USA, 1977


  1. LOL I use it ALL the time to all sorts of people.

    - If I'm bying shoes/clothes and the girl is going to see if they have my size.
    - When DH says hes going to do some excersice.
    - To my boss when she's going into a meeting.
    - To my DD when she loudly announces her plan to go to the toilett.

    Etc etc etc.... tbe best quote ever.

  2. LOL! Too funny! We at my house use the "I have a very bad feeling about this..." and others are from The Breakfast club (Let's face it; you're a NeoMaxiZoomedDweebie), The Pricess Bride (You kip usin' tha' whord. I dinno thinkit mins wha'choo thinkit mins...), and I could go one all day. The realtives are not amused... LMAO but WE are!

    Channeling movies is what my family does best...! :o) Thanks for the giggle!

  3. I have a bad feeling about this...