How exciting is that??

I didn't think the week could get any better, but hey - never stop hoping, right?
After weeks of wondering where the white balance was hidden in my camera (good thing when you lose the description), I finally had the idea to look it up in the interwebz. I had suspected it to be hiding somewhere behind the "func"-button and I had pushed that button a few times without getting further, though.
Today I had the perfect idea. I set the camera to German and found that gave me not only symbols, but even a few words. There it was "Weißabgleich", yay.
This is like reaching the last camp before getting to the peak of Mt. Everest. After all I am not a pro. I'm not even an amateur. I am somewhere between a snail and a frog regarding my photographic abilities. But I'm a determined snog (no, that is not a word, I know, but would be a nice name for a snaily frog, don't you think?) and eventually I'll come around.
*going off to prove her point*

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