Oldies but Goodies - Moods

Remember mood rings? Well, I have moods. Sometimes I have a lot of them very quickly after one another, especially in these times. Please tell me it's the same for you or I'm going to feel very childish! I could probably make a mood ring explode from all those color changes ;-)
Our topic for this week's Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge (you may have noticed we had a little summer break) is moods. I was very curious to see what moods the participants would choose.

Do you want to play a little game? I'll show you the collage and you can try to guess what mood the individual pieces convey in the eyes of their creator. I will post the "solution" at the bottom.
Maybe a piece says something different to you, how about telling us what?

1 and 8 Jewelry Art by Dawn
2 and 5 My Bijou Life
3 and 6 Cat's Wire
4 and 7 RioRita


The "mood list" :-)

1 Calm
2 Posh
3 Dark
4 Romantic
5 Scary
6 Playful
7 Light
8 Loving


  1. I always love these collages! I have a pretty even temperament, but yes, these Covid times are causing me some emotional fluctuations. So you are not alone.

    1. It's fun to see so many different styles together!
      I wish I could say I'm glad not being alone, but I would be glad if we didn't have to deal with this on top of everything else.
      Hang in there!

  2. Well, it's not really fair for me to guess the moods since I participated in the challenge, but I decided to play. I got mine correct (would worry if I did not!) and most of the others too. I missed a couple of the others, but did ok. Regardless, this is a lovely challenge and it's really interesting to see the moods these pieces bring out in their creators.

    1. It would also be interesting to know what moods others see in them because moods are something so personal.