Oldies but Goodies - The colors of ice cream

We have been caught in a heat wave, and if I whine any longer, I'll probably lose friends and family ;-)
One way to fight the heat is ice cream. I'm not that big of an ice cream eater myself, but at the moment even I have a big tub of vanilla in my freezer that I usually use with my coffee or more rarely eat with a sesame sauce for which I got the recipe from the international Japanese TV channel.

So this week the topic for the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge are the colors of ice cream.
It's hard not to be tempted by a huge selection at an ice cream parlor, just because the colors are so pretty. And I am NOT talking about smurf ice cream (I don't even know what flavor that is).
Usually I just show you my selection and link to who made the individual pieces. Today you'll get a legend, let's see, maybe I can make your mouth water so much, you head off to the next ice cream parlor. Or just raid your freezer, of course.

1 Vanilla with red currants
2 Blueberry
3 Fruit sorbet
4 Caramel
5 Strawberries and vanilla
6 Lemon sorbet
7 Vanilla with black currants
8 Chocolate swirl#
9 Chocolate and cream
10 Peaches and cream
11 Lemon sorbet

1/3/7 Cat's Wire
2/4/6/10/11 Jewelry Art by Dawn
5/8 MC Stoneworks
9 RioRita

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