Oldies but Goodies - Frogs

Not far from here there's a small lake in the woods. I used to go there rather often, first as a child with my family, later also with friends. It was quiet and very nice in the summer. You could watch the fish, see dragonflies, there was a little playground with a wooden train etc. and we also walked around the lake.
From the small parking lot you walked a path downhill to get to the lake.
One time the upper part of that path was full of tiny frogs. Honestly, I have never before and never again seen so many frogs in one place. We had to walk very carefully, so we wouldn't step on one. Actually I wasn't interested in the lake that much anymore. I would have just wanted to stay there and look at the frogs making their way from one side of the path to the other. I have no idea where exactly they wanted to go because they were not headed for the lake, but I hoped it wouldn't be the road that went through the forest to the next village.
It must have been 40 years ago or even longer because I was a child, but to this day I'm hoping as many as possible made it to their destination to live happily ever after or possibly get kissed by a princess ;-)

Frogs were the topic for our new Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge, but only two of our members stepped up and had something to share this time. I love each single piece just as much as I love little froggies!

1 2 Fab Fristers
2/3/4 Jewelry Art by Dawn


  1. I remember the frogs in our forest too, crossing the bike/walking path. I wanted to just stay there and divert everyone ... I hope they have signs now.

    1. We used to have toad tunnels in our area, too. I haven't noticed them in a while, but not having a car I'm not getting around so much anymore.

      My sister and I just went on a walk through the woods and found a big puddle with a lot of tadpoles in it. Maybe we should go back there soon to look for frogs or toads! :-D