Random Saturday - A doll for Marie

It would be saying too much if I claimed to collect children's or young adult books. I have a whole cabinet full which are a few hundred books, but that's mostly because there are my own books from when I was young, books I got as gift, from my godmother and her brothers for example, books that used to be theirs, and of course books I bought myself because they were favorites from the library.

I could read at an early age and was very proud to have my own library card (with the number 5542 ;-)), and there were books I borrowed over and over and over again, so I just had to own them as a grown up - and yes, before you ask, sometimes I read one and if it brings up memories and the magic for a little while ... perfect!

Of course the internet was a great help with my search. Just one example. There was that series of books about Davy Crockett that my brothers introduced me to. 16 volumes from which I could quote at that time, so often did I read them. Well, not all of them. I struggled with volume 16 because of Crockett's death and only read that one as an adult, and volume 8 was missing from the library.
This is one of my favorite library stories (bear with me, people, who have heard it a thousand times). I reserved the book when it was not marked missing yet. These were the 70s. I filled out a postcard that was attached to whatever they used at the time to keep track of their books. Then I waited patiently. Until I got an overdue reminder for a book I never even had! I guess this is what kept me being open minded to the fact that even librarians do make mistakes ;-)
Many years later, I put a request on the ISO page of a sales website for used books - and got the chance to buy the whole series from one person which was really a stroke of luck, and the price was okay, too!

My collection grew, but one book was still missing. The problem was that I didn't remember the title or the author. It was a picture book and I had been very small at the time. All I knew was that it was about a doll in a shop, that this doll wore a beautiful dress and that her long lace knickers were peeking out at the bottom. Every, now and then I would try to google the words doll, shop, window, dress, picture book and more, always hoping for a hint among the found pictures.
I had been searching for literally decades when I stumbled upon an article about an archive of 6,000 historical children's books, digitized and free to read online, from the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature. Now the book I was looking for was not from the 19th century, but being reminded of children's books I decided to google once again. I have no idea what I did different this time or if was just lucky or if Google had become tired of my searches, but there it was!
A problem was, however, that I didn't want a new edition and of course I wanted the book in German although the original was in English.
I was lucky again. I found it on a used book site, but there was no picture listed with it and by now I had found that in German there was an edition with a grey cover instead of a picture, and I didn't want that. Next stop - eBay. And there it was. Not cheap, but still affordable, and they even accepted my offer.

And here it is - A Doll For Marie.
It felt almost strange that the search was over - now what will I be looking for next? :-D


  1. Wow! That is fantastic that you found it! And I agree that it feels strange once the search is over. You are thrilled but at the same time sad. Almost like the hunt was part of the important part of the experience and not the find!

    1. I was so excited, I had to call my sister blurting out "I got it, I got it!" *lol*
      My ex turned into more of a hunter than a collector, he found things and left it for me to take care of them (like vacuuming Steiffs etc.). I was usually a bad hunter.
      This time, however, because it has been going on for so long, practically since I was a child, it felt very different indeed!