Tackle that stash - Viking knit and magnesite necklace

In March 2013 I made my first attempt at Viking knit. It was a tiny Barbie necklace and I haven't been coming back to this technique ever since.
Now, having been somewhat frustrated and uncreative lately (for reasons I'll get to end of this month), I had been looking for something that was within my possibilities and came back to Viking knit.

I made two ropes using 24 and 26 gauge copper wire, more for practise than to actually use them. I pulled them through my draw plate and found they were too long for bracelets and too short for necklaces. Not only had I been pretty clueless about how much the draw plate would change the length, I admit I had also not been patient enough to add more wire before knowing how the ropes would come out.

In the last few weeks I have been wasting wire by throwing out some WIPs rather than unwinding little knots and loops (I'll save you the accompanying curse words). I was not ready to throw out the Viking knit ropes as well.
So it was a good thing I remembered my stash of magnesite beads in all kinds of shapes, natural ones and dyed red ones which might like look good with the copper.
I think it did work out quite nicely, now I just have to come up with something for the second rope. Who knows, maybe this is going to give my creativity a little boost?

P.S. I almost forgot to thank Katrina Lum for her tutorial about the endcaps (which I made in different sizes to enhance the asymmetric look, by the way)!

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