I'm not tut-tutting at you. It's just an early morning attempt to come up with a creative post title. Putting tutorial in the title may have created the idea that I am posting one and this is not happening - and with this we jumped right into today's topic for our monthly JAC blog carnival.

I only ever made and posted one myself, a little bead and wire crochet flower. Back then I actually thought I would at least try to make more, but that didn't happen. Every, now and then I thought about it, but it's always the same. Once I start working on a piece, that's what I do. Of course I have to take breaks, but not for taking pictures or writing down things. I don't even want to think of making a video. I'm one of the (obviously unusual ;-)) people on the web who don't make videos - not of my cats (I have two of which one shows Ponder under the sheet, so you actually see, well, a moving sheet and the other one a dark room because it's really about the sound), not of my new shoes, my neighborhood, strange people I see on my train, you get the idea.

This really turns out not to be a flattering post of myself. You must get the idea that I don't have any patience, and it's true, for many things I don't have much patience.
That brings me to using tutorials and that is going to be even less flattering. In fact it sometimes makes me feel kind of guilty that I hardly ever use or even read/watch a whole tutorial, no matter if it's written down or if it's a video. The reason for that is not that I'm so immensely talented that I grasp things within the first 40 seconds (although that would be nice!), instead it's that patience thing again. Now if someone shows me something live, that's different.
So I start watching a video or rather single steps - mostly if it's about a beading stitch I don't know - and then fill in the gaps myself or experiment with changes. It's almost as if pick just part of the tutorial makers' brains, and that's where the guilty feeling part comes in.
I may be overthinking this one, though ;-)

So I'll just thank all people who take the time to help others learn something if they are ready for it.

Since a post without a picture always seems incomplete, here's something I made being inspired by a tutorial by Jill Wiseman.

Here you'll find what my fellow JAC members have to say about tutorials. Please drop by and have a look.

Violetmoon's Corner
Jewelry Art by Dawn


  1. Cat, your work is so lovely and unique, you don't need tutorials!

    I understand about making a tutorial as I've made many pieces that I am unable to duplicate because I can't remember how I did it in the first place.

    1. That's sweet of you to say!

      I think that's one reason why I shy away from complicated earrings ;-)

  2. New try, I had a few typos in it. :)

    hahahah, I too don't watch / read the tutorials till the end, half way down my brain takes the other turn in the road and does her own thing. :)

    And like Dawn, most of the time I don't know what I have done to come to the end result. :)

    1. If only my muse kept notes! ;-) But no, she's like a little child whose attention is only enough for one piece ...

  3. with my paper craft it's different, the designs for the boxes I have to calculate and write everything down. With beads and wire you can wing it, with paper not so much.

    So I have a big black notebook next to my laptop to write down and draw out the ones I design for my self.

    Just today it took me half the afternoon and 3 tries to get one simple box for a few cards right. :)

  4. Not a craft for me then. It was always hard enough to knit the second sleeve for a sweater or measure the whole pattern for a sweater from the start! :-D