Oldies but Goodies - Bridal jewelry

Here comes the bride, all dressed in ... white?
When you think of bridal jewelry, what is it you think of?
Pearls. Diamonds. White. Silver. Delicate. Orange blossoms. Dainty.

Were you dressed in white on your wedding day, ladies? I was dressed in black velvet with silver accents myself.
The Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge this week shows that there is more than just classic and simple white for such a day.

1 RioRita
2 Cat's Wire
3 Galadryl Design
4 MC Stoneworks
5 Violetmoon's Corner
6 Jewelry Art by Dawn


mcstoneworks said...

What a great collection. Love the variety.

Cat, I bet you were beautiful in your black velvet dress. My wedding dress was white velvet.

JewelryArtByDawn said...

I love how this collage shows that there are so many other options for brides these days besides classic white.

I would have loved to see your black velvet ensemble, Cat. Michele's white velvet has me intrigued as well. I wore my mothers white 1950's gown.

Cat said...

I just love black velvet, but for a wedding white velvet sounds lovely, too!

Cat said...

It was 1991 and we still suffered from the 80s obsession with shoulderpads *lol* I still liked it.

If I had the chance again, I would probably choose red! ;-)