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Imagine the 60s. A young guy is getting ready to leave for college. The night before he and his friends are going out. Cars are cruising up and down the streets, guys try to pick up girls, girls flirt with the guys, they meet at the diner, and there are even street races.
Our guy Curt is smiled at by a lovely lady in a car and he falls for her head over heels, but can't find her anywhere.

Finally he goes to the radio station to have the great Wolfman Jack send the girl a message. Instead he finds a technician who says the Wolfman is not there.
Technician:  That's the Wolfman.
Curt: He's on tape. The man is on tape. Well, uh, where, where is he now? I mean, where does he work?
Technician: Man, the Wolfman is everywhere.
Curt: I gotta give him this note. Shit!
Technician: Here, let me see the note. Hell, that's just a dedication, man. What I can do is relay it. It'll be on tomorrow or Tuesday.
Curt: No, no, see, this is very important. See, I may be leaving town tomorrow and it's very important that I, damn it, reach this girl right now.
Technician: You don't know whether you're going to leave town or not?
Curt: I'm supposed to go to college back East tomorrow. And I don't know if I'm gonna go. I don't know.
Technician: Wait a minute. Have a popsicle.
Curt: No, thanks.
Technician: Sit down a minute. It's early in the morning.
Curt: Damn.
Technician: I can't talk for the Wolfman, but I can tell you one thing. If the Wolfman was here, he'd say "Get your ass in gear.".
Curt is chuckling.
Technician: The Wolfman comes in here occasionally, bringing tapes, you know, to check up on me and whatnot. And the places he talks about that he's been, the things he's seen. It's a great big beautiful world out there. And here I sit sucking on popsicles.
Curt: Why don't you leave?
Technician: I'm not a young man anymore. And the Wolfman gave me my start in the business, and I like it. I tell you what. If I can possibly do it tonight, I'll try to relay this dedication and get it on the air for you later on.
Curt: That would be terrific. Really. Thanks!
Technician: Just a minute. It's been a pleasure, really.
Curt: Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

While Curt is on his way out, he hears and sees the guy talking "Rock on, baby. We gonna do it right here. Rock'n'roll yourself to death! Oh, mercy! Give me some more! My, my!"

When Curt pulls up to a phone booth in his car, this is on the radio: "Hey, I got a dedication here for a friend of the old Wolfman. And he wants me to play the next song for a blonde young lady in a Thunderbird. A white T-Bird, you understand. My friend's name is Curt and he wants to talk to you, baby. So you meet him at Burger City or you can phone Diamond-3132. Now he's a friend of mine, you hear. Little girl, you better call him or the Wolfman gonna get ya!"

Looks like he met the Wolfman after all! Will the girl call, though?

American Graffiti, USA, 1973

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