Ride, boldly ride ...

... to the end of the rainbow, ride, boldly ride, till you find El Dorado.

From the first time I saw this cabochon online, I had the song in my head. I love that movie although I'm not really that big a Western movie fan. I always have to sing along, too.
Had this been a bigger cab, who knows, there might be a horse there now or tumbleweeds or John Wayne. As I didn't want to cover most of the cab, though, I had to do with the sun and a cactus that I worked on with my pliers to make it look prickly.

You can find the pendant in my DaWanda shop.
Now excuse me while I'll sing the El Dorado song to Ponder once again. His eyes go all big and I don't even want to know what he's thinking .........


  1. Heheheheh poor Ponder I am thinking :P Lovely piece, that stone is gorgeous and your wire work cactus just perfect.

    1. After a surgery I can't sing as much anymore, but El Dorado is just in my voice range, so I have to sing it loudly. Ponder isn't used to me singing like that :-P

      Thank you!