Quote of the week

Do you know Mrs Bradley? Rich, emancipated, a writer of controversial books, smart, not a lady who holds back with her opinion - and to please my superficial side, oh, those hats (it's the 20s)!
Of course Mrs Bradley can't keep her nose out of a crime either ...

This time she is invited to speak at her old posh finishing school. The new headmistress didn't expect this kind of speech, though.

"But society is changing. Last year we women won the right to vote; Amelia Earhart flew the Atlantic. Who knows, one day a woman might be Prime Minister."
The headmistress gasps.
"I was expelled from Hadley Heights. Had I stayed I might well have come to believe in home, harmony, humility, and gone on to lead a life of jam making and gin rummy, and Chalfonts St. Giles. So, girls, before you settle for the little life, remember, the world is now your oyster, and, provided you believe in yourselves, there is nothing you cannot achieve."

 The Mrs Bradley Mysteries, UK,  1998 - 2000

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