Slider necklaces or How to deal with mistakes

Everyone knows this. You do something and while your brain is still screaming "nooooooo", your fingers have already done it (and start bleeding from the bread knife cut, true story). Or you merrily work along, a happy song on your lips, and suddenly you notice THE MISTAKE.
Mistakes can be very small, they can be big. Once I didn't notice that I had lost a stitch in one of the first rows of a wire knit bracelet. Not only did it escaped, but it also cleverly hid behind a big bead.
Sometimes you can save your project easily, sometimes you have to be creative, and sometimes all is lost and you have to start again which is what I had to do with the bracelet.

The other day I loomed a new tile pattern inspired by a picture of a floor taken by my friend Susanne. I took the pendant off the loom and started sewing up the bail. I was almost done when I noticed that I was sewing on the wrong side.
It doesn't matter much on a geometric pattern, you will think now, turn it around and no will ever notice it wasn't planned that way, right? You are right, but I didn't like it that much the other way round. Silly enough, after all it's not as if people always see a tile floor from the same direction.
Then an idea came to me. I did turn the pendant around after all, but not all the way, made a second bail and pulled bronze tone chain through both to match the muted colors. As a small highlight and to avoid the pendant coming off the chain I added red crystal drops to the ends.
The nice thing about this is that you can change the look of the necklace by sliding the bead loomed part up or down to let the crystals dangle more or less. I was definitely hooked on the idea.

The second piece features the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, made of shiny gold lined crystal on a matte blue-grey background teamed up with a gold tone chain and dark blue crystals.

I guess I was lucky. This was so much better than having to cut up a cuff! ;-)
Both pieces are available in my Zibbet shop. Maybe there's a symbol that has a special meaning to you? I already know what my next pattern will be. A little hint ... it's also Egyptian and has to do with my name!

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