Saturday night ramblings

I have just been sitting here eating little pieces of "meat" (vegetarian) with horseradish. I love horseradish. It makes almost everything better. Except chocolate pudding. I'd really like to have some chocolate pudding right now. Close to midnight is probably not the right time for preparing it, though. Pity.

Today has been one of those days you know. One of those weird days when you end up eating horseradish in the middle of the night because you didn't know what else you wanted to eat during the day. And of course you have a purring black cat next to you who keeps lifting one of her paws hoping you'll share your food with her, but who would be very disappointed if she had to taste fake meat (ok, that killed my own appetite now). One of those days when you keep looking into the fridge hoping your favorite food has materialized in there and only needs to be warmed up. Now I want potato pancakes. Tomorrow maybe?

At least my mind was not all that confused about what else to do today. I did a little spring cleaning in my shops and more items will be on sale eventually, stay tuned. I moved some items from one shop to the other (because I'll close my VonDir shop soon), I took some pictures, and when I really didn't know how to sit straight at the computer anymore, I indulged in a creative break and made this bangle. I wanted to list it today, but then again I wanted to list the agate earrings yesterday and haven't done it yet. I need more time, more arms or the cats will have to learn how to take good photos when it's rainy and grey outside.

Still the day was not unproductive. I did move some things to the cellar - with help - something that has been planned for a long time, too. Life tends to get in the way.

Do you wonder what kind of post that is? Well, I really wanted to share with you how my days go sometimes. It's so much easier if I can fully concentrate on my creative ventures instead of having to deal with real life, too. Oh. I forgot that I wanted to send off a few laters today.
Tomorrow is going to be really full. Maybe I should start the Sunday with a creative break? ;-)

I bet you have days like this as well. Please tell me I'm not alone!
And no, I didn't have anything to drink, believe it or not.

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