Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on the 12th of May this year (in the USA and Germany), so we at the Jewelry Artisans Community decided to make it the topic of today's JAC blog carnival post.

Maybe some of you remember that last year I told you that my Mom is not keen on Mother's Day. Surprise ... it's still true.
It made me wonder what my friends did for Mother's Day when we were kids, but I can actually remember just one. We always went to the bakery together and picked out a cake for her Mom - that we ate most of in the end if I remember that right. We also picked flowers together, the house was close to the meadows on the edge of the woods, so it was easy to carry loads of them home. And I'm almost sure we drew some pictures.

Maybe I should surprise my Mom this year by not doing nothing on Mother's Day, but instead going all traditional and old-fashioned. I could draw her a picture (or bead one?), get her some flowers and if not cake then something else she likes to eat. Or of course finish that pendant that still on my desk *hanging my head in shame*

What do you have up your sleeve for Mother's Day?
If you want to know what the other JAC people have up theirs, check out their posts. Links will be added as I get them, so be sure to come back and take a look.

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  1. It's a family day for us. The last few years, my brother has hosted our parents and my family for brunch at our club. The last two years, we have happily been joined by his wife, who is now herself a mother.

  2. My mother is no longer with us, so we'll be spending the day with my MIL. That's a sweet story about what you did as a girl, Cat!

  3. Fond memories Cat. Your mom just might be pleasantly surprised if you showered her with all those fun gifts. :) We tried to make it special for mom, dinners out, spa treatment. She loved the spa, I'll tell you that. :)