Meet Kimberly from Gerushia's New World

Is it Monday already you may ask. No worries, you didn't miss the weekend.
This is a spontaneous post to introduce you to Gerushia's New World, "a dreamy and surreal New World. A world filled with color and whimsy and curiosity, and a bit of darkness too. A world filled with unexpected twists and turns" how Kimberly, the artisan behind it, describes it herself.

If you like the unique, the unexpected, the twisted, you should take a peek into this world.
There's a big holiday sale going on at the moment and you can save 50%. Yup, you heard that right, 50%!!! There are prints, originals, ACEOs and even a few very special dolls.

Let me show some of her pieces to make you get a first idea.

I had never heard of La Llorona before, but it's a fascinating legend you can read about here. I really like the darkness in this watercolor/collage original called "The Haunting of La Llorona".

Many of us are getting ready for winter and Christmas, that's why I picked these ACEOs called "Winter's bird" and "The Christmas crow".

Also getting ready for winter is Jack Frost Humpty Dumpty, one of Kimberly's dolls. She calls them "gnarly-dolls" and says they are odd, sometimes creepy - definitely not a children's toy, but art dolls.
Jack is completely hand sewn, without a sewing machine!


I hope I have made you a bit curious now, so go and take a look. I'll say it again - 50% off!
Also visit Kimberly's page on Facebook and her blog.


  1. Catrin!!

    You are so sweet. What a great blog post. I'm humbled and don't have the words to express my appreciation.

    Thank you so so so much.

    Have a great weekend.

    Gerushia's New World

  2. What a nice write up! You're such a nice person, Catrin.