Ugly beads - a challenge, Part 3

I'm still not done with the "ugly" beads from our SJA challenge.
There's no idea for the matrioshkas yet, at least none that I really like, but I finished piece #2 for the vase beads today.
The fact that these beads are so heavy made me think they would work well on a lariat or something like it, so this is what I finally came up with.

I crocheted a very slim tube from brown copper wire to keep the all over earthy look. On each end I attached one vase bead. Just like that it looked a little boring, so I added some riverstone beads and for the "drop of water" some clear glass AB (aurora borealis) rounded cube beads.
There is no clasp, you just tie the necklace once or twice or make a knot with both strands. You can keep ends at the same height or wear one end a little higher than the other one.

This is a long necklace. Just the tube is 29 inch long, not counting the vase beads.


  1. It looks great, so nice to see all the things you've thought of with these beads!

  2. You have created a beautiful piece out of a very ugly bead - I love how you've been able to design such stunning works!