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What is it about minibars? I can understand cravings in a hotel room in the middle of the night when you don't feel like shopping (IF there is even a place where to shop in your neighborhood) and going for that expensive pack of peanuts (also a quote from this show).
Or is it because it is something out of the ordinary for you to be in a hotel? Does the appeal go away if you have to stay in hotels a lot?
Is it the miniature size of the bottles? Two shops in my town, both long gone, had those cute miniature bottles of brand stuff that was so incredibly expensive compared to a big bottle, but so perfect as a little gift.
I remember one time in a hotel when I didn't feel like going out for dinner with my ex and his colleagues because I knew they were going to talk physics and engineering and whatnot. I regretted that pretty quickly (even though it was the night when I saw my first X-Files episode) because I was so hungry, and I kept reading the menu up and down, but room service, really? That was the only time ever when I treated myself to some nuts from the minibar. Desperate measures, my friends, desperate measures. Afterwards I was hungrier than before.

Jane: How many people are actually coming to this thing?
Lisbon: Nobody knows exactly.
Jane: Okay.
Lisbon (close to tears): How did this happen? This is not what I wanted!
She sighs.
Jane: Well, I like the sylvan theme.
Lisbon: We should have just eloped like you said.
Jane: What about your family?
Lisbon: Ah, they wouldn't care. I just talked to them at the hotel. They found the minibar. They're like cavemen arguing over a dead antelope.
Jane: Well ... let's run. Huh?

You may just ignore my thoughts about minibars. Actually I finally wanted to quote from one of my favorite TV shows which happens to have one of my crushes star in it.
On the other hand, what is really about it them? Maybe you'll tell me after all what you think.

The Mentalist, USA, 2008 - 2015

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