Tackle that stash - Crab agate in wire crochet setting

I love tie dye shirts. I have never dyed shirts myself, but I had two that I had got a long time ago at the Marin County fleamarket which was one of the highlights of each visit to California. Actually I still have one of them even if I only wear it at home now.

This hippie love probably attracted me to this stone, a crab agate which is just another word for a treated spiderweb carnelian agate. You can also find them called crab fire agate, but they have nothing to do at all with fire agate.
I can't even say how many years this agate must have spent in my stash.
No idea if it was the warm colors that made me pick it now - go away, winter! - but to enhance those summer vibes I chose an orange colored copper wire and teamed it up with beautiful brick red and topaz colored seed beads, leftovers from other projects, to crochet a bezel that looks different on both sides and so leaves the choice to you how to wear the pendant.

Let the sunshine in! ;-)

The pendant is available in my Zibbet shop.


  1. So very pretty. I love those firey colours

  2. That's beautiful, Cat. I love the fiery colors.

    From one tie dye lover to another, if you ever want another tie dye shirt from California, let me know. Tie dye is one of our more popular fashion statements here in Northern California.

    1. Thank you, Dawn. I might well take you up on that offer sometime.
      I had the cab in my hand more than once since I got it, but never had the right idea, now I'm really happy with it.