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I have a terrible secret. Please only keep reading if you think you are strong enough, I also recommend you sit down if you don't sit already.
The secret are trash monster movies (with not more than a 3.5 on IMDb if possible although I'm flexible regarding that). Giant snakes, sharks swimming in the sand, gargoyles coming to life, mutant crocodiles, no matter what, together with a person who shall stay unnamed for the moment I give them a chance, always in hope that they will be bad AND funny. Not all of them work, sometimes not the whole movie works, but sometimes the mood is just right and we experience an evening of giggles and laughters. If we recognize an actor, it's the icing on the cake although we sometimes do feel sorry for them (pink hair, Wil Wheaton, really?)

Today's movie has a stunning 3.1 score at the moment. There's no doubt that some of it is owed to the fact that the casting really keeps you on your toes if you have ever seen even just one episode of the TV show Eureka. Confused already?
Well, we sat through part of the movie just wondering if the sheriff was the sheriff from Eureka. One moment we thought it could be, then again it was clearly not him. When we finally looked it up ... guess what? It was a different actor, but Eureka's sheriff was the director of this movie! That was more than icing on the cake, it was like icing AND chocolate sprinkles!

A good story on top of that would probably have been too much. Three dinosaur fossils - a T. Rex, a  pteranodon and a raptor - are brought back to life in a ritual and set out to stomp the town. Bad news.
More bad news is that even if the skeletons fall apart, for example from being hit by the Jeep, the bones just come back together again ... once with the best result ever.

Sheriff: Oh no. He's not dead!
Flying T. Rex that just formed from the bones of the T. Rex and the pteranodon and has glowing red eyes now roars (!!!)

Sheriff: Corporal, take cover!

Too late, I'm afraid.

Triassic Attack, USA, 2010

P.S. I only have the German version of the movie, so this is a translation of my own and not the original quote.

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