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It is almost time for vacation again. Will you spend your summer vacation with the family? At the sea maybe? With all comfort?
Do you remember Mr. Hobbs? More than two years ago I showed you how he deals with a "villa by the sea" and its extraordinary pump.
He really doesn't have an easy time. All he wanted was to get away for a few weeks together with his wife and send the kids to camp. Instead he has to spend time not only with a teenage girl suffering from new braces trauma, two grown-up daughters with husbands and kids, but also the youngest son who wants nothing but watch television.
"You know what this country needs? D'you ... d'you know what this country needs? An un-Edison. An un-Thomas A. Edison, so he can un-invent things. You know the first thing I'd have him un-invent? Television."

 Huh. What would you want to be un-invented?
Mr. Hobbs takes a vacation, USA, 1962

P.S. Imagine my (tiny) shock when I put in the DVD and started looking for the old post when I suddenly heard the movie go off just at the pump scene. Seems my laptop has a much, much better memory than me!

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