Real life has me being a bit tense these days ... some days more than others.
And sometimes the only way to make the world around me go away for a while is to experiment. To play with materials without the goal of making some beautiful, useful or planned. If I'm lucky, it will turn into something that I learn from or it will develop into something I like after all, something beautiful, or it becomes something the world doesn't need, but something my inner playchild needed.

This ... erm ... thing is just one of these pieces. I could use it as a paperweight maybe or I could keep shaking it to make the glass gems inside rattle.
Curious already?
Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

I have a bunch of hot pink wires in slightly different hues. Now hot pink is not a color I use very much, so it's usually a good choice for an experiment.
And for some strange reason I have two enormous spools of black wire. Don't ask me, I have no idea if I intended to crochet a black gothic cloak or a humongous black cat (now that's funny because that is one animal that absolutely refuses to be made by me, believe me, I tried) or if I had just forgotten that I had already ordered one before. So black isn't a bad choice, either.

The black thing on the left is what I had made a while ago, for no particular reason, not a reason I can remember at least. It's like a little wire knit bowl, and I had no intention whatsoever to use it for this piece.
I took two pink wire spools, if you look closely you see they are two different colors, and knitted a ... thingy until I suddenly noticed that the pink one was about the same size as the black one now. I kept knitting and added a rim to the pink "bowl", so I could fit the black one in there.

No, this is not a UFO. Although a pink UFO would be fun.

And of course the natural choice was to put something in there then. Ponder the Great Nagger was too big, so I used the glass gems instead. Although the black part can be pulled out and put back, it won't come out by itself.

If you think that was it, you are wrong. What I like about the wire knit structure is that you can bend it, fold it, unfold it, and if you are being careful about it, it won't kink and break right away. Stretching is not always that good an idea, but I didn't need to stretch anything here. I pushed the bottom of the pink part in, I pulled it back out, I flattened the rim, I pushed the black part in, I put "pleats" in .. in other words, I had fun.

What am I going to do with now?

I really don't know, but I already used the idea in this flower pendant and am contemplating variations. I  know it's a little more difficult to see here because the crystal in the center and the petals hide details.
I promise that if I make another one, I'll take pictures of each detail during the process, so you'll be able to live in my head, just for one blog post. Longer than that could be dangerous! ;-)

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