Too Aquarius - Art in polymer clay

That's what the banner of Elaine's ArtFire studio says.
In her blog she also says: "Primarily, Tooaquarius is about polymer clay beads and canes. I love beads. Beads make the world go ’round."
And these canes and beads ARE pure art. Believe me. Elaine's canes sweep me off my feet each time I take a look at them. There are so many beautiful ones that I haven't been able to decide yet. And her beads ... well, let's have a look, shall we?

I love black and white, so this focal bead has attracted me at first glimpse. I think it would look really nice with a silver wire bezel. Very, very tempting.

Beads from Elaine's rose canes - aren't they gorgeous??

And here are a few canes now to give you an idea. For those who are not familiar with polymer clay, in a cane you combine different colors of clay in a pattern that goes through the whole piece, so that when you cut off slices, they should all look the same.
Can you imagine what it takes to make such gorgeous canes? Lots of patience and a very good eye first, I'd say. They are amazing.

Meet Elaine at her website and go to her ArtFire studio if you want to see more. You do, don't you??


  1. Her beads are outstanding...you should go for your favorite of the bunch and turn it into something more wonderful!

  2. Her canes look like paintings. I love all of the subtle shading she puts into them. They are spectacular and make for some very beautiful beads.

  3. She's quite talented with making canes!