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I can be very, very stubborn. If there is a hype about something, often I don't want to have to do anything with it.
One of these hypes in 1993 was the movie Jurassic Park. I couldn't hear it anymore. When finally my little brother convinced me to see it with him, I was fascinated like (almost) everyone else was. This was so exciting and the dinosaurs looked so real!
Yesterday it was on TV and although it's in my collection, I watched it. There are quite a few good quotes in there, so I spontaneously decided to bring one of them to you today.

When Dr. Grant sees the herds of dinosaurs, he's overwhelmed and all he can say is: "They're moving in herds. They do move in herds."

Do you wonder when there's an occasion in my life for saying that? Hm, I guess you have never seen students go to the cafeteria for lunch ...........

Jurassic Park, USA, 1993

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