I like it ...

- that when I'm craving chocolate chances are there is still an unopened Easter bunny in the cabinet which has not expired yet

- that when I touch a kitty head with my chin or face I will always get a little head butt back

- when that first sip of chai goes down my throat

- when I open up a drawer and find something that makes my creativity wake up

- that there are people out there I never met in person and still I can lean on them

- when I come home and can put my feet up

- when my bathwater goes cold because I HAVE to finish my book first

- when I wake from a dream that makes me feel happy all day

- when I take a break on the way home at one of my favorite places and listen to the birds sing

- that there ARE other women beside me who can't walk in high heels

- when I finally catch that annoying moth after chasing it for two hours

- that I have friends who make me laugh

- when I can dive into a different world reading a book or watching a movie

- when they play a song I love on the radio that I haven't heard forever

- when I share brainwaves with other people ;-)

- when I find a book at a fleamarket that I have been searching for forever or if someone finds it for me

- that I don't mind rain or thunderstorms

- when I fall asleep to music

- that I never woke up too late and missed the station where I had to get off the train

- that I can watch my favorite old TV series on DVD again and again

What do you like?

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