Hide the cookies!

Ponder has an obsession.
If he can't be a chimney sweep, he wants to be a master thief. Let me tell you, he's on the best way.

He started his career when he and his sister moved in here - they were about three to four months old - and improved his skills constantly. He has been here for five years now and he stole everything from calzone from my plate (not that he wanted to eat it) to Christmas ornaments, jewelry, scarfs, he stole wet food pouches out of the cupboard to rip them up and share them with the others.
When he was younger, he stole bread which always made me wonder about how he had been treated at the place he lived before. He gnawed on it a little and left it on the floor to die. Once he opened a plastic bowl and stole some cake, just for the fun of it obviously as he didn't eat from it. That taught us to store bread and cake in a safe place right away.
Funny enough he doesn't like snacks much, neither the kitty nor the human kind and he loses interest in all of his stolen goods pretty fast.

Just now I looked up and this is what I saw.

No way, mister!
He looked a little hurt. I'm such a spoil sport.
So he went downstairs and puked into the kitchen.

I love cats.

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  1. We had a kitty who had an obsession with little stuffed toys.....she carry them all around the house and drop them where she wanted. We adopted her from a stray when she was about 1 year old...a calico. She was very sweet..her name was Baa...we miss her...she passed on a few years ago peacefully in her sleep. We think she may have had a litter before we adopted her which was she she liked carrying little stuffed animals about. As for Ponder he puts the "cat" in cat burglar.*lol*