Flower talk

I might have mentioned before that I have a "black thumb". I'm not good around plants. I say Hi to a flower and it drops dead in agony.
Inside the house I can't have any flowers because the cats always think it's a special gift to them. I won't take the chances.

Nevertheless I love flowers. Often I find I walk by them carelessly, just seeing the nice colors, maybe sniffing a rose in summer, but not really looking at them closely.
Sometimes, though, I take a moment to squat and take in the details of a plant. And if I happen to have a camera on me, I take a picture.

This week felt very springlike again. It was warm, there was sunshine and suddenly I noticed how the flowers in our "garden" (it's not a real garden, but a strip of plants behind our house) had grown. You wonder how there can be flowers if I have the black thumb disease? Our neighbors take care of that and they do a good job.

These are the hyacinths that we got from visiting friends. The tall guy had put them up on the wardrobe, but once Ponder started climbing it with an excited howl, we knew they had to go outside. When we got them, they were only little buds, but that sure has changed and the bee was quite happy about it.

The daffodils are getting ready for Easter. In German we also call them "Osterglocken", meaning "Easter bells".

Some of the pussy willows haven't opened up yet, but these are already fluffy and soft to the touch.

Daisies are some of my favorite flowers. We call these "Thousand beauties" in German, "Tausendschönchen". I fell in love with them when I was about 12 and got some to put into my own little corner of soil in front of the house. They and the sunflowers were the only ones who didn't die right away, maybe that is why I am so fond of them.

This pansy is not ready for spring yet, it seems. That's ok, I love the bud just the way it is. Maybe it likes to sleep in like I used to do?

Our garden cat is watching from behind the hyacinth pot. Not without reason. Poor Kitty is mainly a head and only half a body after the neighbor dropped her. She used to be painted, but I like the way she looks now. And nobody would think she is broken, hidden like that.

And this is what I mean by taking a moment for the details. Standing up I didn't notice this drop at first. Bending down I was fascinated as I am always with drops on leaves, hanging from branches or sitting on tables. I am glad I took that moment.

I hope you enjoyed that little tour through our "garden" as well. Have a great spring, all of you!


  1. Thank you for the lovely tour. Those hyacinths are really wonderful!

  2. Loved the black tumb, so nice to not be alone, and a good neighbour, almost my life!

  3. Oh they are so lovely. What wonderful neighbors you have.