Longing for some rain

Today it was very hot and humid again. The whole week I came home and was more or less brain dead. I told my doctor yesterday that my brain was running out my ears, but he didn't believe and didn't check it. Nothing creative at all and I am beginning to go on cold turkey. Tomorrow is my day off, though, so I am looking forward to maybe stay up long and work a little. And tomorrow, bah, it's just the laundry like every Friday and some chores that I will have to thing about first. Priorities, you know ;-)
At least I snatched another T-West and sssh, I'll go for the main treasury in a while, the clock is ticking. My poster sketch is ready and set, I am just waiting for the right moment.
This collection I had to choose pretty fast and my mind was so fixated on rain after I heard some rumbling in the distance that it had to be drops. I just love the birdie. Click on the image to make it bigger (for the people my age :-D) and if you would like to comment on Etsy, please go to Drop, a unit of measure.
You can believe one thing for sure, if those clouds are holding their promise and start to cry, I'll be out there and dance in the rain. It should be dark enough soon that nobody will call the men with the white jackets on me. Actually I have done that at work before, not dancing, but when everyone ran inside hiding from the summer rain, I ran outside, stood there with open arms, enjoyed the water of my face and didn't give a thing what people might think of me. I wish I would look a little more like a rain fairy, but actually I don't have any ethereal look about me. I remind myself more of the little fat fairy in Disney's Sleeping Beauty ....

No rain in sight yet, so I will put up a listing for my own drop, try out for the main treasury that will open in around 15 minutes and then go to my chair to look for my muse. She had time to sleep all week long!

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