Long time no read

The last days I have been busy. Not only making jewelry, but also reading and some napping. I guess I had to sleep off my blog writer's block. I wonder if this is an acknowledged disease?
Also I started plurking a while ago. That was the right exercise for my mind. Short sentences for a short attention span.
The same it was for my creativity. I have been looking at my stack of things a lot lately and it is so not organised. I have a few storage boxes, but as I like to have everything in reach, most things are in small plastic bags on the table. My sister knows what my birthday wish is and I hope she won't forget till then :-D
Still I made a few things and I even took out some half-dead pieces to breathe new life into them.

That is what I done with these pearl wheels. I have a similar pendant in my ArtFire shop and really I wanted to make matching earrings. Although I had counted stitches the disks turned out different, though. One is slightly bigger and therefore also having one freshwater pearl more. Things like these make me nervous and the only way is to put them away for a while. Now I had the idea to combine both wheels to form a pendant. Both disks are adorned with peacock-colored freshwater pearls, the bail is handformed from sterling silver wire.

I can't say I am overwhelmed because the idea is not super original, but I am happy I found a way to use them without having to make 20 more disks (wouldn't even have enough pearls ;-)) just to find two matching ones!
Hm, just as I am writing this another idea crawled into my mind. I'll let you know what comes of it. I will wait listing the pendant anywhere hoping this idea will work out.

What else did I make? This little freeform silver ring was made in a whim of the moment, you could say. It was the rest from a string of wire and I had my ring mandrel in my hand accidentally and what can I say, I am thinking about keeping it as I always do when I try something new *lol* Strong, I have to be strong.

Also I bought a tumbler and hope it will arrive soon. I have been wanting to do that for a while and finally did it. A beginner's model. I am beginning to understand men drooling about tools. If you asked me, I would bubble over with a whole list. So don't ask me. I don't have time for bubbles, I need to put some teeth on a bunny pendant now. Can you believe I forgot the teeth?

Tomorrow I'll be off to a fleamarket. Hold your thumbs for me it won't rain again!

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