Zibbet finds of the week - Money makes the world go around ...

... the world go around, the word go around, money makes the world go around, it makes the world go 'round ♪♫♪♬♩♪♪♬♫♪♩♪♪♬♪♫ or so Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey told us in their song from Cabaret.
It's a song I stumbled over again lately and it inspired me for today's post.

Armadillo money origami by Vincent the Artist

Weddings rings from Irish wood and penny coin by Eire Eco Rings

Lizard coin bangle by Celtsmith

No Wishes original photo by Clicks by Karen

Threepence piece cufflinks by Spinneyhead

Large whale coin bank "Denim" by Ceramics by Lisa

Work on English coins from 1066 to 1713 sold by R.W. Mercer at Sandy Creek Collectables


Quote of the week

I don't go to class reunions. I was there once and it didn't really do anything for me. I do like the idea of meeting only a few special people from back then, though.
Gary "The King" King has convinced his gang from the old school days to come back to their hometown with him and have an epic pub tour which they hadn't been able to complete when they were fresh out of school. Reluctantly they follow him into the adventure and get into his old Ford Grenada, "The Beast".

Gary: And we're back. Just like the Five Musketeers.
Steve: Three Musketeers, innit?
Pete: Four if you count D'Artagnan.
Gary: Well, nobody knows how many there were really, do they, Pete? I mean, history's a sketchbook.
Oliver: You do know that The Three Musketeers is a fiction, right? Written by Alexandre Dumas?
Gary: A lot of people are saying that about the Bible these days.
Steve: What, that it was written by Alexandre Dumas?
Oliver chuckles.
Gary: Don't be daft, Steve, it was written by Jesus.
Steve (sarcastic): Oh.
Gary: Anyway, five sounds much better. I think they missed a trick having only three. 'Cause you'd have five, then two could've died and they'd still have three left.
Andy (annoyed): Are we there yet?
Gary (yelling): Let's do this!!!

The World's End, UK/USA/Japan, 2013


Tackle that stash - Mini wire crochet pendants with pearls

There was this pearl necklace. Big, bold, with a huge crystal. From the first time I laid my eyes upon it, I was determined to rip it up and make something else with the pearls.
You know how these things go. From the first time to now meant a few years in which I picked it up, put it down, picked it up again ... until I finally felt I tried to push this into the wrong direction. Why did I think the result had to be another big pearl necklace? Why not use the pearls individually?

Sometimes we need color and it doesn't even have to be much. So I ended up with little affordable pendants, just one freshwater pearl in a colorful wire crochet setting on a ball chain. No silver, no gold, but pink tones, purple, orange, green, light blue ... and who knows, there may be more to follow.
Which color do you like best?

Available in my Zibbet shop


Oldies but Goodies - Whimsical

What is "whimsical"? I picked a random online dictionary and got this: "1. spontaneously fanciful or playful, 2. given to whims; capricious, 3.quaint, unusual, or fantastic".
Another site gave me an example to make it even clearer. "An example of whimsical is a little girl pretending to be flying around the house like a butterfly." I wonder what a grown lady who is doing the same is called.
This Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge promised to be interesting. Unfortunately I can't give you a butterfly girl, but ... oh, why don't you look for yourself? :-)

1 MC Stoneworks
2 The Crafty Chimp
3 Violetmoon's Corner
4 Jewelry Art by Dawn
5 Cat's Wire


Zibbet finds of the week - Water

Did you really believe me when I told you last week that I would start complaining about the heat? Well, the ten minutes are over, but unfortunately the heat isn't.
We all have our own ways dealing with it. Going to the pool, turning on the A/C if we have one, turning on fans, have fourteen cool showers a day, have a cold beverage (which will in fact not help if it's too cold), avoid snuggling too much with the cats, letting cold water run over the wrists every, now and then ... or you can do what I did the other day.
Get a glass of water with lots of ice cubes. Lean back and put the glass on your forehead (don't let go of it!). Notice that second too late that haven't leaned back quite enough and enjoy a refreshing shower of water and ice cubes over your shirt!

Are you ready for a little virtual  water from Zibbet now?

Water ripple photo print by Carolyn Cochrane Photography

Hokusai's The Great Wave Off Kanagawa soap bar by Sky Rain Soap

Sea turtles mosaic made to order by GlassArts Studio

Outdoor throw pillow in sea blues by Linda Pare Designs

Zenful water lily necklace - choose your color by Bottled Up Creations

Blue Waters memory box by Rocky's Unique Creations


No quote of the week

Sorry, no quote this week. Time ran and I haven't been able to prepare one earlier.
Maybe you wonder what takes me so long to put these posts together. What is there to prepare?

First I pick a movie or a TV series. Sometimes I just stumbled upon a quote to use, but most of the times I didn't and have to look for one.
Then I have to pick the perfect quote. As you might have noticed by now, it's rarely just one or two sentences, so I have to decide how much exactly I will use from a scene.
I can get obsessive about quotes. I know how easy it is to change a quote over the years if you didn't get it right the first time. You'll add a word, you'll leave something out. That won't do for these posts. A big pet peeve of mine are incorrect quotes on IMDb.

So I work with the quote itself and sometimes subtitles. Very often subtitles don't give you the original text, though. What to do if you have a mumbling actor? Just the other day I listened to just one sentence more than ten times to finally get it right!
Then of course I have to do the same thing for my German blog.

It takes time. And patience. And it helps if there's no nagging cat sitting beside me or on the keyboard.
Yup. That's why there is no quote today. No time, not patience, and a beautiful but nagging cat.

Instead I give you a random picture of some koi. Tomorrow you will understand how and why I stumbled upon this in my folders.


Tackle that stash - Kumihimo cord and beads bracelet

This bracelet really made me dig into my stash drawers!

At first I only wanted to loom a slim bracelet. I had some bead soup mixed from gold lined crystal, transparent topaz, and transparent topaz AB cube beads and I had had ordered some gold lined crystal and transparent topaz seed beads for a piece in a series not long ago of which I still had some leftovers.
I really like the look of alternating cube and seed beads in a row - as I did in the O beads bracelet and pendant - which reminds me of tweed. Great structure.
When I had finished looming, however, I knew this needed something more, but what? I went through my drawers and found some golden Kumihimo cord that seemed just perfect and that I had used in looming before.

I sewed one strand on along the middle of the bracelet. Not only did it give the piece even more structure, but the red thread also added some contrast.
The sides did look a little naked now, though, so I added two more cords.
It's a bit of challenge what to do with the cord ends if you use ribbon crimps. Did I want crimps? What if I didn't use a clasp at all? What if I just braided those strands tightly, so they could be used for tying the bracelet onto the wrist in two different ways depending on the wrist size?

I was so close to leave it at that, but somehow it still needed something else. It needed some embellishment on the sides because it was slim, maybe a row of seed beads? Okay. Not on both sides, however. How about a seed beads fringe - I had already used up the cube bead mix except for one lonely cube - or maybe ... wait, I still had crystals that would be perfect in color! I knew I didn't have that many left, would there be enough? It turned out I did, in fact I had one too much.

Didn't that work out nicely? ;-)
And an extra bonus is that I could use the bracelet for the monthly JAC challenge which was about fiber art/mixed media AND that it gave me more ideas!

The bracelet is now available in my Zibbet shop.