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Once upon a time there was a station called Nickelodeon. And once upon a time there were Fridays. Okay, there still are, but they are different now. Let me explain. The year Nickelodeon started in Germany was also the year I started dialysis. Three times a week I would go to dialysis right after work, except for Fridays. Fridays I always tried to take off early. That was my little private time window when I would come home and enjoy some Nick shows, enjoy the weirdness, laugh and wind down for a bit before I had to leave again.
Today's quote is from one of those shows.

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are young monsters going to school learning how to be good monsters and scare people. Of course they stumble from one adventure into the other, like that time they ended up in the countryside.
All they want to do is scare some humans. The humans, however, think they are aliens, so finally one group is chasing the other. Finally the little monsters make it home again (after successfully scaring everyone) and two of the humans are wondering about the events.

Human #1: You know, I was thinking.
Human #2: Really?
Human #1: Maybe those creatures weren't aliens at all.
Human #2: Really.
Human #1: Maybe they were monsters.
Human #2: Monsters! Noooo. Who'd be stupid enough to believe in monsters when there are so many aliens around?
In the back a cow gets abducted by a spaceship.
Human #1: I guess you're right.
Human #2 (shaking his head): When will people learn ...

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, USA, 1994 - 1997

P.S. Yes, when will people learn ... once again this post is dedicated to my favorite alien friend ;-)

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