Do you know ...

.... how difficult it is to stay concentrated and not lose patience when a very loud cat is sitting in front of a closed door?

When I started to work with polymer clay, the upstairs kitchen became off-limits for the furry inhabitants of this house. As the fur tends to creep in under the door, it's hard enough to fight it off without having a wild chase around the table with hair flying in all directions.

The fact that there is a closed door is particularly hard for Ponder and Esme. It starts with a soft sound that changes into a yodel (Pon) or wild squeaking (Es) pretty quickly. Ponder takes it even harder than his sister. Even when he hasn't been around me for an hour or longer, he seems to feel that I'm behind "The Door" suddenly and he just won't have that.

So imagine me trying to roll clay with my hands while nerve-wrecking yodelling comes through the door, so loud that I'm afraid the neighbors will get me for torturing my cat. Imagine me trying to poke holes into about 40 beads while the yodelling starts to be accompanied by scratching on the door, not to mention the attempt to climb the door. Yes, Ponder walks up doors and it's a very distinctive sound.
I'm weak and can't stand that for very long which is the reason why it took me a few days to make all the beads.
I had started with the big focal one. The smaller ones are not as clear in their pattern, but that is why a focal is, well, a focal.

The necklace is not finished yet. I still need to string the beads and add a clasp, but I was curious to see what it might look like.

And now I have a purring black cat in my lap, happy that I came back out of the mysterious room, back to him, to serve him, in good days and in bad days. Doh.


  1. ROFL Yodel cats, that might be my Miss Pepper, or how do you say, "who stepped on the duck" in deutsch? :D

    The beads are lovely!

  2. Yodelling is the song of the mountains ... yodeldidudodeldi *lol*
    The other one would be "einen fahren lassen".
    One of these days I'll catch my little opera singer on video. I swear.

  3. Your post did make me smile. The bead looks great! Well done, in spite of the kitty help!

  4. Yes, I do know :D But please take it on video, I love to look at cat videos. Beautiful beads!