Come on over for the bead soup party!

It had to happen some day, I guess. And I can't even blame it on the cats. Of course Ponder was sitting on the pinball machine yelling for me to hurry up with whatever I was doing at the moment and of course he tried to jump my shoulder, but the fact that I pulled out one of the drawers of my plastic storage case and hit the bead box with it is only the fault of my own stupidness and carelessness.
He sure loved the sound - clickety, clackety - of beads flying everywhere and was eager to help me clean them up, but I threw him out of the room and closed the door.
Only when I already had retrieved most of them from the corners of a big room (isn't it amazing how far these fellows can fly?), the thought to take a picture came to me. I also didn't feel like dropping the box again, so all you get to see is the epicenter which really was the easiest area to clean up.
I can be more than glad that these were not the really small beads.

A few ones tried to hide inside my armchair. Not with me. No bead will roam free in this house if I can prevent it! ;-)

This was a sign to me I desperately need to organise again, also the cheap beads like these ones *sigh*


  1. Flying beads:)))!!!! I knooooow, it happened to me several times, and I absolutely hate it>:(!
    It is so painstaking to pick all those tiny beads from the far corners of your room, under the most inconvenient angle of your table, or even worse, bed. I'm sure you have had the hell of the party;)!

  2. I was smart enough to not let the cats join this party *grin*