When I grow up ....

.... I want to be a queen!
This is the title of my latest Treasury West. Actually I am not so sure if I would want to be one. Lots of money, castles, you can buy great clothes and jewelry, but also you have all these official functions, you have to kiss millions of babies and I am sure all that waving sooner or later gives you troubles with your wrist.
Still almost all little girls have that in them, I think? Wanting to be a princess and maybe grow up to be a queen at the side of your Prince Charming (strange, never heard of a King Charming, don't tell me they lose their charms as soon as they become king!!).
Well, just enjoy these regal beauties. And the pictures of queens as well :-P
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Last night was not exactly fun. One of my cheeks is quite ok, but the other one is really blown up. I had problems sleeping, but this morning I took a painkiller and dozed off. Now it feels strange, still hurts, but not as much.
Just now the phone rang, they called from the dentist's to ask how I feel. That only confirmed my opinion from two visits, that they didn't just seem professional, but that they also all were very nice. I can't say I have experienced something like that often.

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