Two sides of me and teamwork

There are days I can't make my mind up. One minute I am happy, one minute I am frustrated and down and don't even know why. I call it "sitting in my hole". Sometimes it's necessary to sit there, contemplate my life and other things and then get out of there again - fast!
Yesterday was such a day. I felt empty-headed and not doing like anything, no matter if it was the laundry or something creative.
The spook is over today (and no, for men who might read this, it's NOT that time of the month :-P).
These two treasuries show my two sides quite well.

Brighten up your day is my sunny, funny self. In this mood I am irresistibly bright-natured and annoying ;-)

And here you see my dark side. The soul questioning life as such, mysterious, a little scary - and annoying *lol*
I am Dracula

Did I make myself sound like a madwoman (if there is something like that at all)? I don't think I am, but I am very emotional and likely to give in to moods (because I am a cancerian?).
It makes my life travel kind of interesting, though. My muse adapts to my moods very easily. If you look at my creations, you will find both sides as well. Why don't you find out for yourself?

And now we are talking about teamwork. I have been featured in two more treasuries - Dark red, blood and passion and But in your dreams ...

Thanks to my great Starving Artists Team!

A great weekend to all of you! :-)

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  1. Don't worry, you are not a factory, you are an artist. It's normal:))!