Too much information? Sorry - feeling whiny

I guess by now half the world knows that I got two wisdom teeth pulled today. I didn't think it would be a great deal, but I forgot that I can be such a crybaby. The procedure itself was no real fun, but at least it was rather simple although I was sure I heard something breaking halfway.
But now I am hurting. Just so much that I can't sleep, just so much that I don't feel like reading, working on my WIP or even watching TV. What is most annoying is that my nose started running (away from all this) and that I can't blow it properly without tears in self-pity. At least one side is not swollen and doesn't hurt that much (this is the side on which my tongue keeps playing with the threads), but the other one is, right up to the eye.
Sorry again.

P.S. You are welcome to send me pain killers in form of comments, but don't forget I can't laugh very well at the moment ;-)

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